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Boom Barriers offer productive security at exit and passage purposes of industrial facilities, office edifices, apartment suites, parking areas, toll squares, or any roadway section where medium to heavy traffic is expected.


  • They are designed to control every type of access in car parking, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, amusement parks, airports and railway stations, as well as all other types of small or large public facility.
  • An inbuilt hostile to pulverize wellbeing gadget, which suspends the movement of the boom, should it meet any block.
  • Discretionary bar sensor gives advance protection to vehicles.
  • Auto-close of the Boom Barrier can be customized through the controller.
  • Term of quick and moderate velocities is customized at the season of establishment, as indicated by the length of the boom and recurrence of activity anticipated.
  • However its electronic control board is intended to acknowledge signals from different controls and wellbeing adornments.
  • High torque engine: Long enduring engine that produces up to 600Nm torque.
  • Smooth operation: No skip/snap of blast at end positions.

Products Range

Browse our wide range of Automatic Boom Barriers that fulfill different requirements and pick the one that suits your need the best.


Benefits of the Automatic Boom Barriers by Triple play incorporate

  • Better visibility: White aluminum boom bar with intelligent strips and RAL 2005 powder covered lodging.
  • IP54 assurance: Control unit is IP - secured influencing it to clean and water safe.
  • Installation : easy installation in 3, 4 & 5 meter length with free Maintenance 
  • Optical bar sensor: Safety gadget to recognize awareness of vehicles and inversion of boom development.
  • Access control operation: Boom barrier through push catch switch can likewise be operated through access control framework.
  • Manual operation if there should be an occurrence of energy disappointment: Barrier can be raised or brought down by discharging the blast bolt with key sort instrument.
  • Applications: Tolls, stopping regions, ventures, private and govt. resources, local locations, airplane terminals and so on.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of applications are used?

Before acquiring a blast entryway, you should first figure out where you will introduce it and how you will work the blast door. There are blast entryways that are particularly intended for use in railroad intersections, auto parks, office buildings, plant doors and other modern conditions. It is important to discover one that fits your coveted application accurately to guarantee that it addresses your issues.

What is the Frequency of operation?

The obligation cycle or recurrence of operation of a blast entryway is another factor that must be considered. For regions with high activity that requires more than 500 operations every day, for example, vast strip malls or airplane terminals, picking a medium to substantial obligation blast entryway is exceptionally prompted. In any case, there are additionally blast entryways that are suited for territories with low movement volumes.

What is the Size?

Rotech supply blast doors with various size posts relying upon the measure of opening that you wish to control. Regularly blast arms will be from three to six meters long however our KL substantial obligation blast entryway can traverse openings of 12 meters. This is particularly valuable when organizations have larger than usual vehicles, for example, mine destinations and rail intersections.

What are its key Features ?

Many of these blast doors accompany battery reinforcement, high opening paces and sunlight based power similarity. Choosing blast entryways that can be fitted with vital security gadgets, for example, PE wellbeing shafts, circle locators, blazing security lights and radio controls are likewise best particularly for high hazard territories.

Can you please share the Price?

Your decision of blast doors would likewise to a great extent rely on your financial plan. In any case, you ought to never trade off wellbeing set up of lower costs. Make sure to pick a sturdy blast entryway to suit the correct application at a value you can manage.


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