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IP Biometric System with Access Control


IP biometrics with access control joined under one framework, we are on the cutting edge of changes that will reform the way individuals use access control in establishments of all sizes.

Time and Attendance Monitoring systems which incorporates fingerprint attendance system, Proximity card and smart card participation system.


  • The IP biometric access point gives an high state of security with no sweat of utilization than customary keys or cards and might be controlled locally or remotely with the Web with no expected coordination to other security equipment.
  • IP Biometric door access controlis a more secure method of controllingaccess.

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Browse our wide range of Automatic IP Biometric System that fulfill different requirements and pick the one that suits your need the best.

Thumb Impression

Thumb Impression

Thumb Impression

  • Fingerprint Key suitable for up to 50 users in low-traffic areas
  • Indoor/outdoor rated
  • Sleek, compact design (single-gang mount; 4.7 x 2.4 x 1.8 inches)
  • Available in standard black, white and silver
  • Works with low-voltage power (12-24V DC; 24V DC recommended)
  • Works with standard locking hardware
  • Scalable using existing Fingerprint Key
  • Also serves as key switch for alarm/lighting systems.
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Thumb +Proximate card

Thumb +Proximate card

  • Ideal for medium-range applications.
  • Available with Wiegand, Serial (RS-232/RS-422) or Clock-and-Data interface.
  • Sealed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Optional glass mount kit available for mounting the reader behind glass.
  • Available in gray or beige.
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Thumb + Proximate card +Keypad

Thumb + Proximate card +Keypad

  • Ideal for medium-range applications.
  • Available with Wiegand, Clock-and-Data interface.
  • Sealed for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Optional glass mount kit available for mounting the reader behind glass.
  • Available in gray or beige.
  • Keypad data and card data can be sent on the same cable, or on a separate cable using 2 of 7 or 3 x 4 matrix.

Triple play provides the product, the benefits of which are

  • Remotely over the Web without any required integration to other security hardware.
  • Faster, more brilliant and Versatile IP Fingerprint Security Solutions.
  • Access control with fingerprint is an extremely secure strategy for actualizing access limitations as print of finger is constantly special for each single individual which implies that this will be definitely a full proof system.
  • This biometric with access point gives an high level of security with easy use than customary keys or cards and can be controlled locally or remotely over the Web with no expected joining to other security equipment.
  • 3" Color LCD Display
  • 600 dpi Optical Sensor
  • Identification Modes: Fingerprint, Password, Card & Combo
  • Access control supported

Customer Testimonials

Frequently asked questions

Why Use an Access Control System?

With regards to keeping your business and workers secure, get to control is the most effective approach to avert unapproved guests, limit certain representatives from getting to touchy regions and dealing with your representatives' entrance. As opposed to giving each of your representatives an arrangement of keys to your business, you can select to associate your ways to an entrance control framework, giving your workers a chance to get to the business utilizing particular accreditations, for example, a key card, that they contribute to a user to open the entryway. You can set the level of security and locate the correct harmony amongst wellbeing and accommodation for you and your representatives. At the point when a representative leaves your organization, basically deactivate their qualifications to deny them additionally get to. With get to control security, you know who enters your business, when they entered and what entryway they utilized. Utilizing the report interface that accompanies most access control frameworks, you can track where your representatives are. You can likewise segment off rooms or regions to just approved workers and get reports of suspicious movement, for example, somebody endeavoring to get into some place they don't have a place.

Is the Access Control Traditional or can it be connected to IP Systems?

There are two noticeable sorts of access control frameworks. The first is the customary strategy for get to control where control boards go about as center points for entryway per users, entryway locks, cameras and the framework's interface, for the most part a PC. The entryway per users and control boards interface with exclusive power and correspondence wiring. The second, fresher strategy for get to control is called an IP framework. This sort of framework associates the entryway per users specifically to a system, more often than not through Ethernet or remote signs. Rather than control boards, these frameworks run ordinarily through a less-massive and less demanding to-introduce arrange center point. While IP frameworks are more up to date, there is still conflict in the security advertise over which strategy is better. IP frameworks are substantially less difficult to set up, generally simply requiring Ethernet associations with your organization's system instead of serial associations with numerous control boards. There is no restriction to what number of entryway per users can be associated with an IP framework, while in a customary framework, control boards must be associated with a modest bunch of entryways, so you'd require a few boards to secure structures with numerous entryways. Faultfinders say IP frameworks are less secure than the exclusive customary renditions of access control since arrange blackouts can influence execution and they are more defenseless to programmers. At last, the framework that would best suit your organization relies upon your requirements. Some entrance control administrations offer the two choices and will work with you to figure out which sort would work best.

How secured it is for employees & Organization ?

Security ought to be the most critical factor while picking an entrance control framework. Administrations that offer obsolete innovation, cut corners or are missing key security highlights, for example, lockdown modes and alerts, did not score well in our assessment. Gateway users and physical certifications come in numerous assortments, however the best administrations incorporate users with their own particular memory and processors for deciding, and in addition qualifications that fuse some type of encryption. Restrictive innovation, as opposed to open source, is more secure and less inclined to be exploited.

Is Managing the framework easy? Can we manage it the way we want?

A nitty gritty revealing interface enables you to watch the developments of your workers all through the building, monitoring who enters, when and which entryway they utilized. The best access control programming incorporates with observation cameras, recording the occasions when a worker utilized a qualification to open an entryway. These records are helpful when examining suspicious movement, enabling you to check on the off chance that it was to be sure a worker who utilized the accreditations. As well as can be expected store these records inconclusively, so you can backpedal to any date and inspect the history. This is to a great degree valuable on the off chance that you should play out a review on security or are examining an occasion that occurred at your business.

What would be your Recommendation?

Our best pick for the best access control framework is Protection 1, which positions high to provide a portion of the best security and wellbeing innovation available, and it likewise has a hearty administration interface. It offers particular answers for particular sorts of organizations and gives opportune and accommodating client bolster. Tyco Integrated Security offers a total rundown of access and security alternatives that suit almost any business' needs, including both customary and IP-based frameworks with best in class equipment and programming. One of its lone deficiencies was its client bolster. Access control is the best approach to confine access to your structures to just the fundamental work force, helping you run your organization without stressing over security ruptures and enabling you to track your representatives' developments.


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