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How Can Slow Internet Kill Small Businesses?

How Can Slow Internet Kill Small Businesses?

Wireless internet connection has spread its footprints across the world quite significantly, making the business accessible. In last few years, the demand of Wi-Fi connection has increased quite a lot. As per the reports of International Telecommunications Union, it is said that there has been a sharp jump in the number of Internet users from the year of 2000 to 2015. During this period, internet users have increased from 738 million to 3.2 billion. It is also noticed that small businesses have also gone digital in view to make their mark on world’s map. Here businesses need to understand the worth of a top-notch wireless connection in their success because a wrong connection can sink their businesses from boom to bust. 

Many small companies look for cheap internet connection for business but it won’t work in long term. That’s why it is always advisable to them to look for a reliable broadband connection to run their businesses online successfully. Mostly it has noticed that users face slow connection speed with cheap web connection but just blaming this reason for the failure of small businesses over productivity is not right. Net neutrality is also one of the reasons behind this failure. With net neutrality, users get open and free internet.

Be it unreliable wireless connection, net neutrality or no matter what the reason you are facing, bad Wi-Fi connection can simply damage the productivity of any business especially the small businesses. Some of the negative impacts that your business may face due to slow connection are:

  • Make Employees Frustrated: Slow web connection or unstable speed always make employees frustrated and annoyed as they could not perform their task smoothly and efficiently. There is no doubt in saying that slow connection cause disturbance in the workplace and also down the morale of all the employees.


  • Loss of Revenue: Due to slow connection, the entire Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system of the business collapsed that brings negative impact in the mind of your customers. If your website page is taking too much time to open then it makes visitors frustrated forcing them to go elsewhere which ultimately costs your business revenue.


  • Productivity Decrease: Due to slow connection, employees have to wait for long to upload or download any file that affects the overall productivity at the workplace. If you connection takes time to send files or mails then automatically then the productivity of your business goes down.    

In simple words, slow internet connection affects the productivity of the companies and mainly kills small businesses. Any business that aim to go high can’t take risk of damaging it due to slow connection therefore it is always advisable to go for a reliable broadband connection for better productivity.

How Can TriplePlay Broadband Help?

TriplePlay Broadband is a reliable internet service provider in Delhi, Gurgaon and parts of North India. It strives to provide uninterrupted and flawless web connection with top-class speed round the clock. With use of latest technologies and innovative methods, it ensures high-speed and strong connectivity even during extreme weather conditions. The sole aim of TriplePlay is to make users stay connected to web world 24x7. So if you want to have a trustworthy web connection then TriplePlay is the best bet for you to run your businesses online successfully!

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