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How Much Speed Does One Require for Live Streaming?

How Much Speed Does One Require for Live Streaming?

Most of the users keen to know how much internet speed they need in order to enjoy live streaming. Let’s talk about it in detail. In today’s competitive world, people must have come across to the commercials claiming to provide blazing fast internet speed upto 40 Megabytes Per Second (Mbps) at Rs 399/- only. Such commercials entice most of the users as they think spending Rs 400/- for 40 Mbps is good enough. May be, it sounds good to many but it is only worthy when your Internet Service Provider (ISP) are telling them the numbers they need to know. Because when you go for live streaming, you are actually sending information from your device/connection out your live streaming host.

Most of the ISPs inform users or try to entice them with offering attractive download speed. They don’t tell the users or one can say that they deliberately hide about the upload speed from them. That’s why when ISPs put out the commercials, they always talk about the faster download speed, and not talk about the upload speed. It has noticed that most of the regular users don’t think too much about the upload speed when they go for choosing a broadband connection for home or business. Their main focus remains on getting the faster download speed.

At the first look, getting speed of 40 Mbps is great for regular users to watch videos on YouTube. But when you want to watch live streaming videos then you need to have good upload speed. To watch live streaming in standard definition, users actually need at least 500 Kbps but when you want to experience live streaming, you at least need higher upload speed somewhere around 2 Mbps. Here users need to understand that when ISPs offer you speed upto certain Mbps, it means they are not giving any commitment of providing top speed all the time.

There is no breathing room for users if their connection provides them speed of 500 Kbps because that’s the minimum upload speed you need to require to watch live streaming. Therefore it is always advisable to look for connections which provide at least 1 Mbps of speed as it will give you a pleasant experience of watching live streaming in standard definition. Today when users love to go for live streaming, it is highly important for them to have good upload speed and that’s why it is good to ask your service provider about the minimum upload speed when they are talking about offering faster download speed. For example, if you are staying in Noida and want a good web connection for home, then better to look for broadband service providers in Noida who offer symmetrical speed to the users.

If you already have an internet connection and want to know your download and upload speed then you can go for some online speed test. Always remember that important number for live streaming is the upload speed therefore it is advisable to pay special attention to that. It is always good to go for speed more than your need as it will always give a room to experience smooth operation during peak hours. Understanding the exact need and requirements of today’s users, TriplePlay Broadband strives to provide symmetrical speed on its network so that users can get good upload and download speed. TriplePlay believes that users should get what they are paying for therefore it always looks for adopting latest technology and technique to improve the web access experience of the users.

So if you want faster download and better upload speed, go for TriplePlay Broadband now!    

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