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Why is Internet Safety Important for Users?

Why is Internet Safety Important for Users?

How safe is your internet and how safer you on the internet? These are the two important questions which answers should be known by every user. Many of the users may have not aware of the fact that Safer Internet Day is celebrated on February 11 in around 15 countries across the world. The main aim of celebrating this day is to provide safer and better web access to the world.

Users need to be very careful when they are communicating or talking to people on World Wide Web (WWW). Internet safety is something that can be very serious and could be dangerous. Let’s discuss some useful tips for users to keep themselves safe on World Wide Web.

  • Don’t Disclose Your Real Identity: In today’s digital world, users generally communicate with people on social media sites like Skype and Facebook. Social media networking sites are very interesting ways to communicate with different people across the world but if it is used carelessly then it could also be quite dangerous. Always remember that when you are on social media sites, never share your personal information such as address of your home or work place. Because you have no idea what the person on the other end is thinking about you. It is always advisable to meet the person (met on social media) at public place not at your home or work place. Don’t think of meeting the other person alone. So please be careful!  


It is also advisable not to share the information of your family and your last name with other person because that person can use such information to manipulate you or to make you think that they are really interesting in you and care about you. By your last name, other person can easily find you and take a lot of your information.


  • Use Strong Password: It is always advisable to have a strong password containing capital letters, numbers and symbols. The password should have at least 8+ characters. It really helps users to prevent their online accounts from hackers. Always remember that it is not easy for hackers to crack the strong password.


  • Keep All Software Up-to-Date: It is always important to update your software to avoid any security concern. Many software and applications modify their security therefore they usually ask you for updating.


  • Use VPN: Most of the users don’t aware that when they connect to any public Wi-Fi network like in coffee house and hotels, any data they transmit can be intercepted. Therefore it is advisable to encrypt your public network connection using Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Use Common Sense: Users need to very careful while using the internet. They should not give out their social security number and also setup a password for accessing their devices like mobile and laptop. If there is an option then setup two-factor authentication.

These are small tips but they add-up to become stronger online security for the users. However, it is also the responsibility of Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide you safe, secure and reliable broadband connection so that you can access to the web world without any major security concern. However, it is important for every user to keep these usual tips in mind to prevent them from any online threat.    

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