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Things to Keep In Mind before Choosing Internet Connection in Noida

Things to Keep In Mind before Choosing Internet Connection in Noida

Believe it or not, everyone uses internet in somewhere to other. From mobile phones to laptops and even Smart TVs now, people use internet on their devices. Mobile data speed and plans are usually limited and unstable. As a user you may face unstable connection speed while accessing the web world but when you are at home, it is always important to have stable, fast and reliable broadband connection. Getting the internet connection for home or business is not a difficult task but deciding which one is best is a tricky task. To make your choice easy, here are some of the key things that you should know before choosing the web connection not just in Noida, but also all parts of India.

  • Fiber Vs Copper Cable: Wired copper cable, also known as DSL,  is seen as one of the very common network in India which is usually offered along with a fixed landline connection. With this network, web speed is ranging in from 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps. On the other hand, Fiber cables have far superior bandwidth. Fiber cable network is built for data transmission and render faster speed to the users.
  • Broadband Usage Limits: Generally most of the data plans in India come up with certain bandwidth caps. Therefore it is important for users to consider both upload and download speed before choosing any data plan. It will surely help users to get the best service providers for their requirements.
  • Contention Ratio: This is something that most people are not even aware of. While speed is mentioned upfront, contention radio is generally not. Due to contention ratio, a fixed line can be shared with maximum numbers of users at one time. For example, if the contention ratio is 1:8 then it means that the line can be shared with maximum eight users simultaneously. So if you have 10 Mbps speed and the contention ratio is 1:8 then your download speed would be anywhere around 1.2 Mbps. It is always advisable to check with your ISP before getting the connection.
  • Upload Speed: A decade ago, people were mainly using internet for downloading. But today when users like to go for live streaming videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, YouTube and Ullu, it is highly important for them to have good upload speed as well. Upload speed is also important for playing online games like PUBG, social media and uploading videos and images. It is better to go for connection in which you get symmetric speed.

Understanding the need of the hour and keeping in mind the requirements of the users, TriplePlay Broadband has come up with various unlimited data plans for the users. With each of its data plan, TriplePlay provides symmetric speed and prompt customer support to the users.

Unlike other service providers, TriplePlay believes in transparency therefore it always asks users to explore all available options before them before opting to its services. Reliability, transparency and affordable data plans are some the key factors that make TriplePlay one of the leading and most trusted broadband service provider in Noida. So if you want to experience something extraordinary, just switch to TriplePlay connection and find the real difference in accessing the web world.

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