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Why Is It Time To Look for Symmetrical Speed?

Why Is It Time To Look for Symmetrical Speed?

Speed is the first and foremost thing that users always look for when they think of getting a broadband connection for home or business. There was a notion that download speed is much faster in comparison to upload speed but it is now an old story. With change of technology and advanced methods, users can now experience symmetrical speed while accessing web world. With symmetrical speed, users can receive or send data or files at the same speed.

Due to lack of knowledge of symmetrical speed, most of the users don’t even ask their Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide good speed for both downloading and uploading. Actually mostly the users look for download speed in a connection and never pay any heed to the upload speed. That’s the main reason many ISPs don’t mention upload speed in their offerings, always entice users with high download speed offers. On the other hand, connection with asymmetrical speed is quite cheaper than a connection which has symmetrical speed. That’s why most of the users also choose asymmetrical speed over symmetrical speed. But today when most of the works are done on internet, it is highly important for everyone to have a web connection with symmetrical speed.

To watch live streaming videos, movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime Videos Apps and play online games, you need good download speed but when you want to upload any video or image on any social media platform or look to send heavy files to someone, you actually need faster upload speed. It means that you need good both upload and download speed for smooth and hassle free web experience.

Upload speed is quite necessary for online communication. If you want to make a video call to someone, a good upload speed helps in experiencing improved communication. Moreover, upload speed is also quite important for businesses as it allows entrepreneurs to hold video conference smoothly. In short, you don’t experience the issue of bad audio or poor video quality during conference or calls.

If you have a web connection with symmetrical speed, then you don’t need to think too much while accessing web. Even during peak hours, you may get good upload and download speed that allows you to have better communication. Today when businesses are coming on internet, it becomes more important to have symmetrical speed as it allows businesses to upload their products over the web not just quickly but smoothly as well. It also allows businesses to connect with their prestigious customers effectively.

Larger and bigger bandwidth has become the necessity as the world is moving towards ultra-high-definition (UHD) and 4K technology. And when businesses are going for moving pictures and videos to promote their services and products, having same amount of speed for both upload and download is the need of the hour. So if you have not switched to symmetrical speed then it is right time for you to go for the same.

If you are staying in parts of Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida then TriplePlay Broadband is the best option for enjoying ultra-fast upload and download speed. By contacting its customer support service, you can easily get all important details of a web connection and benefits of having symmetrical speed. Some of the silent features that make TriplePlay the best internet service provider in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida are:

  • Ultra-fast speed (both upload and download)
  • Quick installation and set-up
  • 24x7 Customer support service
  • Better Unlimited data plans at unbeatable price
  • Congestion free network
  • Best suited to 21st Century (4K World)

So if you want to experience improved communication, exceptional symmetrical speed and excellent support service then TriplePlay Broadband is the right option for you!


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