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How to Manage Broadband Complaints

How to Manage Broadband Complaints

In the tech savvy world, it is quite common to receive numbers of complaints against the broadband service. Though it is very disappointing for the company to receive mass complaints, but the service providers can take these complaints in a positive way by accepting them as an opportunity. Are you confused that how come complaints can become opportunity for service providers? Well, it’s true. If the service providers learn to see complaints as an opportunity to build strong and look for the best solution, then they surely improve their customer service and build long lasting relationship with customers. 
Customer complaints enable service providers to understand where they are lacking and how they need to improve. If complaints are handled poorly, then dissatisfy customer may discontinues the service and encourage others to do the same, whereas complaints that are handled nicely may help to retain existing customers and could result some new referral customers. So, service providers must have some pre-defined process to manage the complaints and provide improved services to retain customers for healthy business. Some of the ways are mentioned as below: 
Develop Complaint Handling Policy 
A complaint handling policy enables the customers to understand how the service provider is managing and resolving the complaints. The policy even helps customers to have some patience as the service provider has a proper procedure to handle the complaints. 
•    The policy must have the clarity of prompt process for handling complaints
•    The policy must welcome the approach to all customer feedback
•    The policy must have positive attitude for discussion and continuous improvement

It is important for service providers to make sure that the complaints handling policy must convey the message to your customers that how much you value their feedback. The policy must contain the commitment to resolve complaints quickly, fairly, efficiently and courteously. The policy must take few things into consideration such as follows: 
•    explain the steps you would like customers to take when making complaints
•    identify the steps you will take in discussing, considering, addressing and resolving complaints
•    indicate some of the solutions you offer to resolve complaints
•    inform your customers about ongoing improvements to your business

Create Procedures for Complaints 
Manage Complaints in three stages such as: 
•    Find the reason why customer is dissatisfy or unhappy with the service
•    Must understand the entire problem to provide the solution for the particular problem 
•    Provide best possible assistance over a call by visiting their place

Review Complaints Handling Policy
Creating complaint handling policy is not enough for service provider, it is important to review the policy and ensure that you have records for all complaints and incidents since the formation of policy. 
Take out time to review complaints and find which type of complaint it is like nature, type etc. The reviewing process enable service provider to identify types of issues that customers are facing such as:
•    Type of complaints
•    Customer service weaknesses
•    Your staff's complaint-handling skills
•    Customer complaint behaviour and your management approaches

Resolving complaints
As all complaints are of different kinds therefore some can be easily resolved whereas some can be very challenging. So, it is important for the business to have skillful professionals who courteously communicate with the customer and provide solution for the same. 
Manage unresolved complaints
If the skillful professionals of the company are able to resolve the complaint after taking reasonable steps then they must focus on the unresolved complaints. This certainly helps the professionals to have a perfect record of resolving complaints promptly. 
Legal Consideration 
It is important for the company to pay heed on the legal consideration while framing the complaint policy. A list of ethical and personal business commitments along with requirements and principles must be present in the policy as it certainly helps the service providers to handle the complaints. 
Each of these steps will certainly help service providers to manage complaints against broadband services or any kind of IT services. 


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