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Upgrade Data Plan and Explore Maximum Stuff Online while Staying Home During Lockdown

Upgrade Data Plan and Explore Maximum Stuff Online while Staying Home During Lockdown

As the whole world is facing the serious issue of COVID-19, it is highly important for people to stay home to strengthen the fight against this pandemic. By staying home, you are not just helping your family to get infected from this deadly virus, but also helping your respective countries in their fight against coronavirus. During this hour of crisis, TriplePlay Broadband makes a humble appeal to every citizen of India to stay in their homes and always wear mask while stepping out of their homes only in emergency cases.

TriplePlay understands that many of the people are working from home and in that way, all these people need a dedicated broadband connection at home for flawless work. Understating the need of the hour, the team of TriplePlay strives to provide uninterrupted service to its prestigious customers. All the issues related to the connection are heard promptly and appropriate actions are taken to resolve the issue as soon as possible. However the team is doing everything to ensure faster internet speed and smooth operation of the service, we still urge our prestigious customers to contact us at [email protected] or call us at +91 9308080808 for any problem. 

As the lockdown has been extended to May 3, it is good to spend your quality time with your family. In fact you can explore a number of things online like watching all the series of Disney movies, Lion King, Spiderman, James Bond, Terminator and many more. Many of you even can learn online cooking classes and make your favorite dishes anytime. This is the best time when you can use the most of your internet connection at home apart from the routine work. If you think that your data plan should be upgraded then you can call to our customer care support team and your unlimited internet data plan will be changed.

No matter how often you use the web connection, it is always irritating for every user when it takes a lot of time for pages to download. That’s why TriplePlay always strives to provide symmetric speed to its users where they get both download and upload speed faster in comparison to other traditional connections. Therefore when you are utilizing your maximum time in exploring online stuff, it is highly important to choose the best data plan for your home. TriplePlay offers many unlimited data plans at different prices for the users, so you can upgrade your existing plan to next plan as per your need and requirement.

Now upgrading your broadband plan is also important because, schools have started giving online classes to the students and many businesses conduct online conferences also. It takes a lot of data while connecting to the live conference or taking online classes. It will be annoying to you if your connection interrupted or get down due to slow speed. So for the smooth operation and flawless experience, it is a wise call to upgrade your existing data plan. Always remember that paying little extra for better service won’t burn the pocket much, especially when you are getting best outcome from it. TriplePlay ensures to provide steady speed and strong connectivity to their customers.

So upgrade your existing plan while staying at home and enjoy online stuff like live streaming, online classes and live meetings!

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